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Dark Blue Silk String Bracelet with Mini Gold Beads

Dark Blue Silk String Bracelet with Mini Gold Beads

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Cute and delicate 100% dark blue silk string bracelet with mini 14k gold-filled beads (2mm) and tiny Miyuki seed beads in white pearl AB and matte opaque ice blue. Perfect on its own or stacked with other bracelets.

Bracelet measures approximately 9.5-10.5 inches. Please choose between adjustable or tie closures. 

Adjustable Sliding Clasp Closure: Features a 14kt gold-filled sliding bead. To measure the fit of the bracelet, take a 9.5 inch string, pinch together each end of the string (approx. 0.5 inches of each end), and slide your hand through the loop created.

Tie Closure: Ties on with a double knot. Please make sure to leave a bit of space between the wrist and the bracelet so that the fit is comfortable and not too tight.

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