Quality Materials

All metal components in our jewelry pieces are .925 sterling silver, 14k gold plated .925 sterling silver, or 14k gold filled.

14k gold-filled is ideal for sensitive skin, durable, nickel free, and tarnish resistant. Gold filled is manufacturing process and legal standard of quality where two sheets of solid karat gold are bonded over (or for wire, rolled in tube) a core of brass. For a piece of jewelry to be gold filled, its weight must be at least 1/20th gold. The typical stamp you would expect to see on gold filled articles is: “1/20 14K GF”, which means that 5 percent of the piece is 14 karat gold. Due to the surface layer of gold-filled jewelry being approximately 100 times thicker than any plating, gold-filled pieces tend to last much longer, and are considered ‘lifetime jewelry.’