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10 Piece Mini Crystal Tumbles Mix Set

10 Piece Mini Crystal Tumbles Mix Set

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Hand-picked beautiful mini crystal confetti of 10 tumble stones mix with gemstones of varying shapes and sizes. Please note that natural stones have variations in size, color, patterns and inclusions, which makes each one unique and even more beautiful.

Stones are approximately 10-15mm in size with no duplicates in the same bag. If more than one bag is purchased, there will be duplicates.

The pictures are examples only. Each set of stones will be selected at random and will not be the same as the picture.

Possible crystals include: rose quartz, amethyst, ametrine, fluorite, blue quartz, mookaite, moonstone, white opal, blue obsidian, apricot agate, snow quartz, rainbow onyx, blue chalcedony, carnelian, citrine, etc.

Not meant for small children due to small size of some of these crystals.

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